Monday, August 11, 2014

Painted Stool | Baby Room Decor

Between making bottles and playing with my now crawling 8 month old daughter, I spent most of this past rainy Saturday jazzing up this IKEA Bekvam Step Stool for her room. I took over the kitchen table, as usual, with acrylic paints and my black Sharpie. Sure beats the laundry that needed to be done!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Illustration Diary - bigHdesigns

original designs by Heather Palazzo

Last year I started a daily Illustration Diary, it was to encourage myself to have some fun, illustrate more often, all inspired by the day's events as any diary entry is.  I am thinking of this fun project as I fall asleep tonight, thought I'd share a few.  

by Heather Palazzo -

by Heather Palazzo -
by Heather Palazzo -

happy drawing! good night.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Baby Room Art - #bigHsquares

Today, its been almost 7 months since my little girl was born! It has been a surprising and very fun ride. I'm returning to the blog today and sharing two art pieces I created to hang over her changing table. These 6x6" squares are part of a series that I started this year, I'm calling them "bigH squares". Simple of course! Made using scrap paper, acrylic paint, wood and a beloved Sharpie® marker.

Visit a previous post at The Blond Next Door called DIY Vintage Artwork for a simple tutorial on the basics of creating something like this.

To see more and share, I've started a tag #bighsquares on Instagram, lets be friends!  bigHdesigns on Instagram

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Invite Ideas: Baby Gender Reveal and Beer and Diaper Party

After a long six month break, the Blond Next Door is back! A first time pregnancy and the start of a new job were my focus this past six months, thank you for sticking around!

My husband and I were lucky to have welcomed our Daughter to the world, right before the Christmas holiday this month. So today, I'm sharing images and designs from the Beer + Diaper Party and Baby Gender Reveal Party invitations I created.

All designs shared on this blog are original creations designed by me Heather Palazzo | bigHdesigns, visit to see more!

Beer + Diaper Party, You bring the diapers, we've got the beer

Facebook Event Banner
Hand illustrated type

Gender Reveal Party Invite
4x6" Double-sided postcard

These were two great events, we celebrated pregnancy and our friends helped us get a head start on diapers!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Make Your Own Brooch or Hair Clip

Do you love the pattern or color of that old tee but you just cannot fit into it anymore? Run across a piece of clothing at your local thrift shop that has the coolest pattern but you don't have a clue on how to rock it? Get some scissors and the glue gun, here is a look at an incredibly easy idea inspired by a post from meg + andy!
meg + andy blog
Excited about how easy this tutorial was, I made several brooches and experimented with different materials and styles. I searched the racks at my local thrift shop and found cheap kids size clothing in neat patterns for mine, see below.

Visit the links below for previous Blond Next Door posts like this one!

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

DIY Vintage Artwork

This art was inspired by something I found on my most recent Pinterest peruse. I set out on an internet image search, sifted through my "cool image" stack at home and made a trip to Lowes Home Improvement for wood.

Inspiration Image>>

My Results:
Vintage Inspired Art #1

Vintage Inspired Art #2

Let me show you how to make your own!

I assumed that the inspiration art was created on canvas and I did not want to spend that much time so I opted for 6x6" squares of untreated wood.

Print out an image of choice from a computer printer, cut the artwork to match the wood block size. If there is a photo that you'd like to use, I suggest you scan it and then print from a computer printer. The weight of the computer paper works best for the process I am sharing here.

(For the example below, I used a clipping from a vintage art calendar that I like so much, I have been holding on to this thing since 2011 knowing it would eventually be good for something else.)

Mod Podge is my go-to glue, we'll be doing a bit of Decoupage 101 now. Coat the piece of wood generously with glue and place your image on that. Once in place, add another layer of glue until the paper is covered. Let this dry completely.

Choose similar paint colors as in the image to paint the back and edges of the wood, some paint overlapping the image can give a nice effect. Use your judgement.

Using an electric sander, sand all edges and corners of block. I have sanded off some of the image as well, in my opinion the more rough it looks the better! You'll want to apply one last coat of glue to seal and protect the image once sanding is done. A metal picture hanger is attached for display.

Happy crafting, enjoy!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Garden Ideas

Happy Spring everyone. It has been a busy couple of weeks and feels like forever between posts here at The Blond Next Door, thanks for sticking around!

The warm North Carolina Spring weather gets me outside and inspires creativity. Scroll down to see garden ideas from my very own backyard and from my Garden Board via Pinterest. You'll see yet another way to re-use wood pallets, learn a simple painting technique and a great solution for keeping track of your seed plantings, plus three up-style solutions for your patio or deck.  
Several slats were removed from wooden pallets, each slat was cut down to varying heights and attached with screws to a horizontal piece making one small section of fence. The concept here was to use wood on hand (free!) and create a way to keep the dogs from digging in the newly planted garden. The bottom right photo shows how a single coat of whitewash paint (see below) adds a bit of personality and an antique style to the fence. 

How to create a "wash"
A paint wash can be made simply by adding water, this is a really neat technique that can be used with any color of paint. On my garden fence, I used leftover white house paint. The ratio of water to paint is typically 1:1 (50% paint + 50% water). The water allows the paint to go on quickly and permits you to be a little lazy with your technique.

 Using a key ring and a hole punch, hold on to ALL of your plants' info in one place!

Add a little style to your patio, check out some Pinterest finds I'm sharing from my Garden Board.
Herb Markers

Hanging Bucket

Umbrella Stand
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