Saturday, February 25, 2012

DIY: Wood Letter Crafts

Made using thick twine and hot glue.

Personalize your living room or entry with a handmade accessory. Discover the artistic possibilities of wooden letters.

You will be inspired to create your own after seeing these clever solutions for creating fun and interesting wood letter art.

Mamie Jane's simply uses two paint stir sticks from the hardware store. 

Craft Tutorials explains how to make a Wood Monogram Letter for under $5!

Artist Justine Smith creates sparkling masterpieces using coins. Start with some store bought wood letters from the local craft store and hopefully you can spare the change.
Mike Smith shared this "little gem" on his blog, picked up at store in Lambertville, PA called BCDG (Buck's County Dry Goods).
Little Birdie Secrets gives a how-to for these cutie pie personalized plaques.
Happy crafting! Enjoy

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